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A message from the makers

Sacha Alexander Post


"We think the complex story of ecocide needs to be told. Ecocide amounts to the systematic killing of our planet, which equates to the systematic killing of humanity. Our project Facing Crossroads seeks to harness the power of choice in an interactive documentary film that asks citizens of the earth to decide: should ecocide be a crime against peace?

The problem is that an undeniable gap exists between what we as individuals know, and what we experience, which leaves us feeling like we cannot make a difference: We know that ecocide is occurring. We know it might kill us. But we do not see it, so we do nothing.

Our solution is made up of two parts. Documentary film is the perfect medium for making strange or unfamiliar horrors seem very close and very real. At the same time, we believe our interactive documentary can end the feeling of disempowerment."

Jhein Lohman


"With our project we ask what you can do, as an individual, as a citizen, as an inhabitant of this earth. What we mean by an interactive documentary is a platform in which our audience can actively participate in the development of our film.

We present complex topics with engaging interactive videos and animated infographics. This way our audience can choose the flow of content and tell us their opinions via pols. We listen to the audience and tailor information to their needs and above all adapt the focus of the film to the results.

Hopefully this allows you the freedom to decide the path of your own story and remind you of your freedom to determine the direction of your own future."

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